The #LoveWooLeader Programme: Become a LoveWoo Brand Ambassador

We created LoveWoo to be a brand for everyone who loves sex. LoveWoo Leader is our new brand ambassador programme to encourage a safe community of sex talk. Our aim is to create a culture that reflects our brand values of:

  • Inclusive Intimacy;
  • Sensual Exploration; and
  • Passionate Love.

We offer a range of unique and high quality sex toys, lingerie and sex essentials for both men and women, whether your sexual encounters are solo, with a partner or in a group. We want people to feel safe, secure and comfortable to ask questions about our products so everyone can have a good time in the bedroom.

We’re looking for 2 passionate brand ambassadors to become LoveWoo Leaders who can engage with others to encourage and spread our values to the world. Building a community to talk about sex openly in a safe environment is important to us and our ambassadors must embrace this wholeheartedly.

As a LoveWoo Leader you will have the benefit of 1 free sex toy per month and discounts on the whole range all year round.

If you believe in LoveWoo and would like to get involved in building a community where people can embrace their sexuality and sexual desires with the help of sex toys and other products in our range – we’d LOVE to hear from you.

Apply by posting a selfie to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #LoveWooLeader

We can’t wait to hear what you think about our brand and we’re excited for this new venture together.

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