Sex Resolutions for 2019


Social media is flooded with new year, new me declarations, and it’s impossible to avoid the resolution chat in workplaces all around – but how about this year mixing up your resolutions and adding in some that will improve your sex life?

Your sex life is as important as exercise and diet, so give it the attention it deserves. These new resolutions might also be a lot more enjoyable/easier to keep than “Stop eating chocolate for a year” I mean, come on!

With all that said, here are some fantastic sex resolution ideas you can pinch (or whip, cuff, slap!):

  • Vow to focus more on what you like in bed. It’s great to already know what turns you on, but it’s time to find out what else hits your hot buttons.
  • Touch. Make time to cuddle on the sofa, give your partner a squeeze when you see them after work, hold hands, kiss and massage …every day! More physical contact will make you feel closer.
  • Be in the moment. Switch your phone off and switch off the “to do” list in your mind.
  • Make more time for sex. Putting time aside to make sure it is longer and better will make the whole experience more enjoyable and less rushed.
  • Don’t always rely on others to give you the sexual gratification you crave – pleasure can be received from YOU, and masturbation can be a great way to unwind.
  • Buy more sex toys, because you can never have too many.
  • Tell your partner exactly what you want them to do, as it is better than expecting them to read your mind and being annoyed when they can’t.
  • For both males and females: Find your g-spot (if you haven’t already) and open yourself up to a whole host of new pleasurable heights.
  • Stop faking orgasms! If they can’t figure out how to make you get yours, teach and guide them and do not stop until you are satisfied, otherwise a) you might have to end it, and someone else will be as miserable as you as they will not be able to satisfy their future partner, and b) you deserve it!